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April 30, 2024

While attending the York Train show in April 2024 I happened upon a unique engine in the “White” member hall. This American Flyer engine was one of the rare 1950 releases that had “wire hand rails”. It is hard to see the difference between this version, and the one that simply had the handrails painted in black. The green card is actually slid between the wire handrail and the engine body, so that you can see it better.

360 Alco PA from Bob Tufts collection – York April 2024

Greenberg’s Guide to American Flyer S Gauge – Volume 2 Variations

In addition, this particular engine is the one that Bob Tufts used in the Greenberg book on Variations. (Officially written by Joe T. Deger, Bob Tufts wrote portions of this book. Though out of print for many years, this book can sometimes be purchased at train shows, eBay etc. Copyright (c) 1991 Kalmbach Pub Co)

While the engine is in much worse condition than this photo indicates (part of its nose is missing), I am still thrilled to have this piece of American Flyer history in my collection.



September 7, 2021

Ben Swope is back with another kit bashing article! See his latest creation in the Ben’s Tracks section.

Thanks Ben for this great constuction article!



March 5, 2021

I received an email from Joe Endicott.

“Picked this up at an online auction. It’s a Washington loco 21089. It came out of the Frank Pisani Collection. I didn’t realize it at the time but the stack is different than the normal production model. I couldn’t find any info on my own anywhere not even a picture matching it. However it does match the 60/61 advertising photos. Interesting find but how can I find out what I really have and if its legit or not?  Anyone you can point me to?  Any thoughts?  Would appreciate any help identifying it. 

Thanks  Joe Endicott”

UPDATE! April 27, 2024.

After seeing 2 prototypes of the Washington at the April 2024 York Flyernut meeting, both had funnels that were much like Joe’s photo. However, after showing the photo to one of the Flyer Experts, I was informed that Joe’s funnel was actually a reproduction! Who knew!

My Washington has the common funnel shaped smoke stack, but certainly the one Joe found is interesting! Thanks!

December 9, 2020

Chat Room!

I would like to remind everyone that the chat room is alive and well, as it has been for over 10 years. The S-Trains chat still takes place on Sunday evenings, but has moved a little later in the evening to 9:30 pm Eastern time, to accommodate people in the western time zones, who are quite active in these chats.

Please join us Sunday at 9:30 pm Eastern, and if you don’t see anyone else right away, hang in there because people will come! The chat software has been updated to the latest version, and has many great new features. You can either log in with your registered username, or just enter any username you wish and gain access to the chatroom right away! Join us Sunday evenings for the S-Trains chat. It is a lot of fun!

The chatroom is open all the time, so you can test it out whenever you wish.


See you there! Chuck


November 18, 2020

Ben Swope has been busy again! See his latest creation in the Ben’s Tracks section.

Thanks Ben for this great constuction article!