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06/16/2024 23:45:17S-Trains[traindavid]OH yes, LOTS of pictures!!!
06/16/2024 23:44:58S-Trains[traindavid]OK, have a good week! Gonna try to stay cool and out of fire danger here.
06/16/2024 23:44:48S-Trains[fahrwud]Grab some
06/16/2024 23:44:29S-Trains[fahrwud]So y’all have a good night. Grabso e big boy pics if you can!
06/16/2024 23:44:04S-Trains[fahrwud]Anyhoo, I’m nodding off out here in Eastern time
06/16/2024 23:44:00S-Trains[traindavid]It's much later there than here!
06/16/2024 23:43:46S-Trains[traindavid]So you ready to hang it up?
06/16/2024 23:43:32S-Trains[traindavid]OK there goes Chuck. . .
06/16/2024 23:43:30S-Trains[fahrwud]I’m glad we’ve managed to take this seriously…
06/16/2024 23:42:54S-Trains[traindavid]Y'all knew what I was talkin' about anyways!!
06/16/2024 23:42:36S-Trains[traindavid]Hmm, I dropped the E oh well,
06/16/2024 23:42:04S-Trains[traindavid]Hey, don't call me Shirkey!! Shirley??
06/16/2024 23:41:49S-Trains[fahrwud]Shirley 🙄
06/16/2024 23:41:38S-Trains[fahrwud]Lutefisk? Shirkey, you can’t be serious!
06/16/2024 23:41:18S-Trains[traindavid]Can't take the Lutfisk, eh?? So is Chuck actually here, or just his ghost?
06/16/2024 23:41:08S-Trains[fahrwud]Hokays 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼
06/16/2024 23:39:39S-Trains[RoninID]Well, this has gone too far. Happy Father's Day gents, signing off for the night
06/16/2024 23:39:24S-Trains[traindavid]But then you could tell if they did just from the smell when you walk in. . . .
06/16/2024 23:38:52S-Trains[traindavid]You'll have to pop in ask them if they have Lutefisk pizza!! :)
06/16/2024 23:37:39S-Trains[RoninID]Sven and Ole look like hosers to me
06/16/2024 23:36:41S-Trains[RoninID]However only one laugh per customer, David
06/16/2024 23:36:32S-Trains[fahrwud]Just down the road from us..,
06/16/2024 23:35:43S-Trains[fahrwud]Haha - happens to me too
06/16/2024 23:33:57S-Trains[traindavid]Oh great, now I double post. aaugh.
06/16/2024 23:33:25S-Trains[RoninID]that would be the one
06/16/2024 23:33:04S-Trains[traindavid]Hmm, isn't Deluth where Ole drove Helga to after their wedding---he had put his hand on her thigh, and she giggled and said, "We're married now, you can go a little farther!" So he drove to Deluth.
06/16/2024 23:32:48S-Trains[traindavid]Hmm, isn't Deluth where Ole drove Helga to after their wedding---he had put his hand on her thigh, and she giggled and said, "We're married now, you can go a little farther!" So he drove to Deluth.
06/16/2024 23:31:56S-Trains[RoninID]I have a size 12 that works well on Hobo spiders
06/16/2024 23:31:26S-Trains[RoninID]you need to use a bigger shoe when you reboot it, lol
06/16/2024 23:30:59S-Trains[traindavid]Ah, there's the real reason, eh?? They've been quiet about that!
06/16/2024 23:30:31S-Trains[traindavid]my computer crashed again. it's a pain!!
06/16/2024 23:30:21S-Trains[RoninID]they were talking about running the 4014 through Pocatello to Portland but discovered there is a tunnel in Oregon that wouldn't clear the engine
06/16/2024 23:27:51S-Trains[fahrwud]Wow, zombie typing fingers
06/16/2024 23:27:24S-Trains[fahrwud]That’s cool. It was in Duluth Mn awhile bacjpk but I was elsewhere, nit close by,
06/16/2024 23:26:38S-Trains[fahrwud]Living museums are the bigger draw, so they are setting special events
06/16/2024 23:26:35S-Trains[traindavid]No elevator??? The Big Boy is scheduled to stop here in Oroville for 15 minutes on the 11th. I suspect it's mainly for them to lube the rods and check things over after the trip down the canyon (4 hours of windy track).
06/16/2024 23:26:02S-Trains[fahrwud]This museum has a progressive board that amalgamated three local muse7ms and is looking for more ideas
06/16/2024 23:25:20S-Trains[RoninID]since then no follow up from them after they were invited to attend our monthly meetings
06/16/2024 23:24:49S-Trains[RoninID]we did have a query from a nearby museum if we'd be interested in their 3rd floor
06/16/2024 23:23:55S-Trains[RoninID]and, like Danny Glover in the lethal weapon movies, I'm too old for this shht
06/16/2024 23:23:53S-Trains[fahrwud]Yeah - similar problems here
06/16/2024 23:22:17S-Trains[RoninID]they have their own casino hotel complex out on the rez north of town
06/16/2024 23:22:03S-Trains[traindavid]Same here in Oroville--three tribes, usually don't get along either!
06/16/2024 23:21:38S-Trains[fahrwud]Trying to convince our HOers to try out the museum space for modular displays - there’s room.
06/16/2024 23:21:17S-Trains[RoninID]they are not easy to work with
06/16/2024 23:21:04S-Trains[traindavid]Limbo stick lower now!!! :)
06/16/2024 23:20:46S-Trains[traindavid]Yeah, if you could get a long-term agreement with a museum for space, that MIGHT work out.
06/16/2024 23:20:29S-Trains[RoninID]so I believe the term is limbo that we currently are in
06/16/2024 23:20:08S-Trains[fahrwud]Slots’n’Trains…. Could work
06/16/2024 23:19:51S-Trains[RoninID]but issues with the tribe have put a kibosh on that

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