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11/27/2023 00:50:47S-Trains[RoninID]You too David
11/27/2023 00:50:22S-Trains[traindavid]hAVE A GOOD WEEK
11/27/2023 00:50:19S-Trains[RoninID]as am I, g'nite everyone!
11/27/2023 00:49:41S-Trains[fahrwud]OK, Canuck signing off. Gnight all ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ
11/27/2023 00:49:34S-Trains[RoninID]but quite a delightful discussion on doing up a tinplate model or two
11/27/2023 00:49:05S-Trains[fahrwud]Layout scars ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
11/27/2023 00:48:44S-Trains[RoninID]and prep for a nitey nite
11/27/2023 00:48:16S-Trains[RoninID]gotta put a new dressing on my messed up hand
11/27/2023 00:48:15S-Trains[fahrwud]getting there myself - time to sign out of rabbit hole land
11/27/2023 00:47:48S-Trains[fahrwud]weโ€™re a wild bunch I tell ya
11/27/2023 00:47:44S-Trains[RoninID]and must return to the rabbit from which I have sprung
11/27/2023 00:47:28S-Trains[fahrwud]Well that aint no fun
11/27/2023 00:47:16S-Trains[RoninID]that I have reached my limit of excitement for the evening
11/27/2023 00:46:59S-Trains[RoninID]Well, kind sirs, I have been informed by the fun police
11/27/2023 00:44:49S-Trains[fahrwud]Maybe a few plastic 490sor similar
11/27/2023 00:44:08S-Trains[fahrwud]Bullet-proof and adaptable for reverse units etc
11/27/2023 00:43:38S-Trains[fahrwud]Thinking of collecting a few Marx drives for tinplate projects
11/27/2023 00:39:33S-Trains[fahrwud]Das boot
11/27/2023 00:36:37S-Trains[fahrwud]they appeal to my 4 wheel Brit senses
11/27/2023 00:36:12S-Trains[fahrwud]Those are cool cars
11/27/2023 00:35:45S-Trains[RoninID]on an old marx 6" tin body
11/27/2023 00:35:38S-Trains[traindavid]I imagine that price goes down as quantity goes up
11/27/2023 00:35:32S-Trains[RoninID]Merci Train
11/27/2023 00:35:24S-Trains[RoninID]I was thinking of doing a paper print overly of one of the world war I
11/27/2023 00:34:25S-Trains[fahrwud]More round holes for us square pegs lol
11/27/2023 00:33:50S-Trains[fahrwud]Lol
11/27/2023 00:33:25S-Trains[RoninID]neat rabbit hole and we all fit into it
11/27/2023 00:27:43S-Trains[RoninID]photorealistic box cars in tin!
11/27/2023 00:26:24S-Trains[fahrwud]Yes - nice work
11/27/2023 00:26:03S-Trains[fahrwud]persona non farta
11/27/2023 00:26:01S-Trains[traindavid]Notice the prints are not from photos but art work, look at Marx cars, shading is printed on the to make them 3-D
11/27/2023 00:25:33S-Trains[fahrwud]I got booted years ago
11/27/2023 00:25:20S-Trains[fahrwud]Advertising market numbers up
11/27/2023 00:25:10S-Trains[fahrwud]You may see my posts here and there on OGR. Iโ€™m a zombie member - I assume they dont like to admit how many members have been disinvited in order to keep their
11/27/2023 00:21:50S-Trains[fahrwud]Or very careful vise work
11/27/2023 00:20:34S-Trains[fahrwud]I figure a small sheet metal bending brake with some way to avoid marring the finish
11/27/2023 00:19:03S-Trains[RoninID]and then cut the sheet and fold to match a Marx carbody
11/27/2023 00:18:48S-Trains[fahrwud]
11/27/2023 00:17:58S-Trains[RoninID]or 30 x 40 cm if you prefer
11/27/2023 00:16:48S-Trains[fahrwud]As side note, I found a guy on the OGR forum who did it with Bing car designs
11/27/2023 00:15:59S-Trains[RoninID]$23 one is 11.8 x 15.7 inches
11/27/2023 00:15:18S-Trains[RoninID]yep inches
11/27/2023 00:15:15S-Trains[RoninID]might have to enlist a professional photographer to shoot a good photo
11/27/2023 00:14:51S-Trains[traindavid]I assume that's in inches
11/27/2023 00:14:50S-Trains[fahrwud]Iโ€™m sure there were nicknames lol
11/27/2023 00:14:24S-Trains[traindavid]LOL
11/27/2023 00:13:58S-Trains[RoninID]B/A short for Bad Ass Gas?

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