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01/25/2021 00:31:53S-Trains[Traindavid]Night, I guess Dave is already gone,
01/25/2021 00:31:37S-Trains[RoninID]and so.....Good Night!
01/25/2021 00:31:06S-Trains[RoninID]OK David, I kicked myself off, back to say good night them
01/25/2021 00:27:14S-Trains[Traindavid]OK, I think I'm here, Y'all have a good week.
01/25/2021 00:24:58S-Trains[RoninID]David if you're there, I guess it is time to fold
01/25/2021 00:24:37S-Trains[RoninID]I'm beginning to laugh like Renfield
01/25/2021 00:24:19S-Trains[RoninID]David is about ready to give up too I think
01/25/2021 00:23:59S-Trains[fahrwud]Keep hold of your sanity on that one Ron
01/25/2021 00:23:58S-Trains[RoninID]OK Dave, take care
01/25/2021 00:23:35S-Trains[RoninID]the hasp the lock attaches to will also be fun
01/25/2021 00:23:14S-Trains[fahrwud]Have a good week, folks. :wave
01/25/2021 00:23:09S-Trains[RoninID]In for a penny, in for a pound
01/25/2021 00:22:51S-Trains[RoninID]not like this one
01/25/2021 00:22:42S-Trains[RoninID]except the other padlocks are symmetrical and not that hard to draw
01/25/2021 00:22:26S-Trains[fahrwud]Will keep you posted on bridge progress. May have it on the bench this coming week.
01/25/2021 00:22:22S-Trains[RoninID]so that is why I'm taking so much time with the RACO lock
01/25/2021 00:21:58S-Trains[RoninID]I was just looking at the padlocks, both show
01/25/2021 00:21:49S-Trains[fahrwud]Well I have to go nod off, poor Eastern time-zone me.
01/25/2021 00:21:42S-Trains[RoninID]and the resin part actually shows better detail than its pewter clones
01/25/2021 00:21:18S-Trains[RoninID]yes
01/25/2021 00:20:52S-Trains[fahrwud]You have a ton of curves on that lock project
01/25/2021 00:17:46S-Trains[RoninID]particularly when it involves complex curved shapes
01/25/2021 00:17:27S-Trains[RoninID]I am getting better at it, but there are so many steps to stuff
01/25/2021 00:17:22S-Trains[fahrwud]Not at all..... cough cough :drnk :drnk
01/25/2021 00:16:52S-Trains[RoninID]that I've found the answers to the hard way
01/25/2021 00:16:41S-Trains[RoninID]I wish I had someone I could ask some of these questions to
01/25/2021 00:16:24S-Trains[RoninID]I'm not trying to dissuade you from learning 3D drawing.
01/25/2021 00:16:05S-Trains[fahrwud]Absolutely
01/25/2021 00:15:56S-Trains[RoninID]everything must be done in exactly the right sequence or you get toast
01/25/2021 00:15:30S-Trains[RoninID]sound simple?
01/25/2021 00:15:25S-Trains[RoninID]so you group the new addition get it positioned, hit intersect faces, ungroup and x section to erase unwanted stuff
01/25/2021 00:14:34S-Trains[RoninID]ask me how I know that
01/25/2021 00:14:18S-Trains[RoninID]if you try to erase part of a "group" the whole thing disappears, poof
01/25/2021 00:13:46S-Trains[RoninID]then you can start deleting the unwanted portions
01/25/2021 00:13:34S-Trains[Traindavid]for some reason my ISP disconnects me about every 20 minutes or so.
01/25/2021 00:13:14S-Trains[RoninID]once you have the new piece where you want it, you hit "intersect faces" with model which draws a line at the interface between the two objects
01/25/2021 00:13:04S-Trains[Traindavid]Ponderosa pines
01/25/2021 00:12:19S-Trains[RoninID]as part of merging two objects
01/25/2021 00:12:15S-Trains[fahrwud]We need to get David a satellite dish on top of one of those redwoods
01/25/2021 00:11:10S-Trains[RoninID]sorry about that David
01/25/2021 00:11:01S-Trains[RoninID]no burying it only hides it from view, the object still exists intact inside
01/25/2021 00:10:56S-Trains[fahrwud]I sent you some smaller files David
01/25/2021 00:10:32S-Trains[Traindavid]between this slow connection and my ISP disconnecting me I think I will give up on tonight.
01/25/2021 00:10:18S-Trains[RoninID]and sprue up several of these dudes to a sprue
01/25/2021 00:09:57S-Trains[RoninID]add a short vertical support under the cast, attach that to a U shaped bracket that will attach to the signal mast
01/25/2021 00:08:57S-Trains[RoninID]then I have to draw the case, the cover the hasp on the cover, fit the lock to the hasp and "glue" it on with additional geometry
01/25/2021 00:08:49S-Trains[fahrwud]Cool
01/25/2021 00:08:14S-Trains[RoninID]hopefully in another week or so I should have it done
01/25/2021 00:07:47S-Trains[fahrwud]OK I see. Burying it inside doesn't hide it from the all-seeing program
01/25/2021 00:07:45S-Trains[RoninID]but in the meantime, all the stuff I do want will be nicely attached to the outside

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