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06/20/2022 00:39:44S-Trains[fahrwud]Fer sure - gnight
06/20/2022 00:39:37S-Trains[RoninID]maybe it was a drawing I found
06/20/2022 00:39:20S-Trains[RoninID]If you remember drop me a line and for now good night to you
06/20/2022 00:38:53S-Trains[RoninID]Oh, you wanted some tunnel dims, i have a note, which ones
06/20/2022 00:38:51S-Trains[fahrwud]Likewise 👍👍😎
06/20/2022 00:38:33S-Trains[fahrwud]Have a good night Ron
06/20/2022 00:38:28S-Trains[RoninID]and I'll do the same
06/20/2022 00:38:18S-Trains[RoninID]next week
06/20/2022 00:38:17S-Trains[fahrwud]Will keep you abreast of developments
06/20/2022 00:38:11S-Trains[RoninID]OK next same bat time same bat channel?
06/20/2022 00:37:54S-Trains[RoninID]yes, went fast
06/20/2022 00:37:45S-Trains[RoninID]Icebreakers, they're not just for parties any more
06/20/2022 00:37:45S-Trains[fahrwud]Good chatter tonight
06/20/2022 00:37:22S-Trains[fahrwud]Yep, the head doth nod
06/20/2022 00:37:12S-Trains[fahrwud]Ther's always an icebreaker car sitting in the yard here too.
06/20/2022 00:37:00S-Trains[RoninID]I can see it is quitting time
06/20/2022 00:36:50S-Trains[RoninID]still here?
06/20/2022 00:36:19S-Trains[RoninID]I can see why CP had substantial ice breakers on their engines
06/20/2022 00:31:47S-Trains[fahrwud]Flett in winter
06/20/2022 00:29:41S-Trains[fahrwud]
06/20/2022 00:27:32S-Trains[fahrwud]There's a lot of fractured rock, so the icicles got pretty huge
06/20/2022 00:27:02S-Trains[fahrwud]That tunnel
06/20/2022 00:26:56S-Trains[fahrwud]Our retired Club engineer has stories of tag
06/20/2022 00:25:43S-Trains[RoninID]I save pix of rock faces whenever I find them
06/20/2022 00:25:29S-Trains[fahrwud]I thought about doing a micro layout with a couple of 2-ton dump cars and a battery locomotive a few years back
06/20/2022 00:24:26S-Trains[RoninID]interior of Flett tunnel
06/20/2022 00:24:17S-Trains[fahrwud]That's cool
06/20/2022 00:24:15S-Trains[RoninID]I have plenty of foam to practice on and I expect things to not look good at the start
06/20/2022 00:23:36S-Trains[RoninID]Picture posted by RoninID:
06/20/2022 00:22:47S-Trains[fahrwud]But I have no desire to make an avocation into a vocation
06/20/2022 00:22:23S-Trains[fahrwud]I just plug along experimenting and if it doesn't work I'll rip it out
06/20/2022 00:21:22S-Trains[RoninID]I hear you
06/20/2022 00:20:25S-Trains[fahrwud]Like other decomposing stuff
06/20/2022 00:20:13S-Trains[fahrwud]Glad it's not painted brown lol
06/20/2022 00:19:35S-Trains[RoninID]somewhat resembles decomposing granite, but also like wontons or dumplings, lol
06/20/2022 00:19:32S-Trains[fahrwud]Just the leapfrog from one well-heeled customer to the next I guess
06/20/2022 00:18:39S-Trains[RoninID]how these guys gain prominence in the hobby is beyond me
06/20/2022 00:18:36S-Trains[fahrwud]
06/20/2022 00:18:24S-Trains[RoninID]Oh well
06/20/2022 00:18:01S-Trains[RoninID]on slopes perpendicular to track
06/20/2022 00:17:43S-Trains[RoninID]will have to refresh my memory
06/20/2022 00:17:35S-Trains[RoninID]keep the angles flatter than 30° and greater than 60° or so
06/20/2022 00:17:05S-Trains[fahrwud]There's a somewhat highly regarded custom layout builder out there whose rock work looks like piled fieldstone
06/20/2022 00:16:26S-Trains[RoninID]it just looks like crudely carved ceiling tiles stack on each other
06/20/2022 00:16:02S-Trains[RoninID]I've never seen a real slope that looked anything like the ceiling tile modeling done by some guys
06/20/2022 00:15:42S-Trains[fahrwud]You mean like actual layout tunnels? Lol
06/20/2022 00:15:16S-Trains[RoninID]and avoid any plane that would obviously fail in real life, lol
06/20/2022 00:14:45S-Trains[RoninID]I want to include at least 3 sets of joint planes to make the faces interesting
06/20/2022 00:10:34S-Trains[fahrwud]yes, good hardrock country around here
06/20/2022 00:09:42S-Trains[fahrwud]If you look down this page for 'Heron Bay Sub Footnotes' you'll find the rockfall detector notes

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