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05/27/2024 17:50:02S-Trains[Administrator]Hello
05/27/2024 17:49:48S-Trains[Administrator]trouble again lol
05/27/2024 00:00:15S-Trains[fahrwud]๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ
05/26/2024 23:59:59S-Trains[fahrwud]Hokays, have a good night Ron
05/26/2024 23:59:51S-Trains[RoninID]looks like something from Dr. Who
05/26/2024 23:59:34S-Trains[RoninID]that is funny
05/26/2024 23:59:23S-Trains[RoninID]OK Hope to check in with you next week
05/26/2024 23:59:16S-Trains[fahrwud]Lol, them eyeballs. Big squid eyes
05/26/2024 23:58:50S-Trains[RoninID]A shame that the crap got smeared all over the board, lol
05/26/2024 23:58:50S-Trains[fahrwud]Will keep you posted on museum stuff
05/26/2024 23:58:28S-Trains[fahrwud]Late groweth the hour
05/26/2024 23:57:04S-Trains[RoninID]looks like it is about time to close
05/26/2024 23:57:01S-Trains[fahrwud]Sent you an email
05/26/2024 23:56:52S-Trains[RoninID]OK
05/26/2024 23:56:45S-Trains[RoninID]I saw you disappear, but refreshed and you show up as back
05/26/2024 23:56:30S-Trains[fahrwud]ignore that closed browser thingy - itโ€™s a pain
05/26/2024 23:55:56S-Trains[fahrwud]Thatโ€™s cool
05/26/2024 23:55:49S-Trains[RoninID]Are you gone for this session?
05/26/2024 23:54:42S-Trains[RoninID]so just have to dedicate a brush to the shellac project.
05/26/2024 23:54:25S-Trains[RoninID]when using it again, soak in a jar of shellac for a half hour and its good to go again
05/26/2024 23:53:49S-Trains[RoninID]I just learned that the best way to clean a shellac brush is to just let it harden
05/26/2024 23:49:25S-Trains[fahrwud]I tried some experiments in the past but the hardware has always been spendy
05/26/2024 23:48:36S-Trains[fahrwud]On the space subject, if I ever went scale again Iโ€™d try O scale traction. The Crooked Mountain Lines articles were always favorites of mine
05/26/2024 23:46:43S-Trains[fahrwud]We must have them calibrated eyeballs
05/26/2024 23:46:06S-Trains[fahrwud]Strange but true lol
05/26/2024 23:45:10S-Trains[RoninID]I've had good luck with things fitting in the alloted space, uncanny
05/26/2024 23:44:42S-Trains[RoninID]All that is kewl
05/26/2024 23:29:42S-Trains[fahrwud]No idea how that happened
05/26/2024 23:29:03S-Trains[fahrwud]I can get both my GN and CPR passenger train (RailKing & Williams) both fit
05/26/2024 23:27:12S-Trains[fahrwud]Laid the track with the longest passing loop I could squeeze in
05/26/2024 23:26:51S-Trains[fahrwud]Total track planning fluke
05/26/2024 23:26:34S-Trains[fahrwud]Sheer BS luck on that MTh station - it actually fits
05/26/2024 23:25:24S-Trains[fahrwud]Then I experimented with tiling grout for ground texture on the styrofoam - that looked good
05/26/2024 23:25:04S-Trains[RoninID]also kewl
05/26/2024 23:23:37S-Trains[fahrwud]I added a couple more basalt rock columns beside the bowlegged bridge
05/26/2024 23:16:27S-Trains[fahrwud]Kewl!
05/26/2024 23:16:07S-Trains[RoninID]I have some test boards and masonite made up to experiment with
05/26/2024 23:15:29S-Trains[fahrwud]Nice method there
05/26/2024 23:15:22S-Trains[fahrwud]True dat
05/26/2024 23:15:09S-Trains[RoninID]I might buy a spendy bottle to get the color I want but I will use craft paints where it doesn't have to applied to a scale model
05/26/2024 23:14:13S-Trains[RoninID]this guy uses Tamiya and Vallejo paints all fairly spendy for the small bottles they come in
05/26/2024 23:13:38S-Trains[RoninID]so anyway I bought a quart of the shellac stuff
05/26/2024 23:13:21S-Trains[RoninID]other sites said if the foam is years old it has already off gassed all it is going to
05/26/2024 23:13:09S-Trains[fahrwud]Thx
05/26/2024 23:12:28S-Trains[RoninID]
05/26/2024 23:12:19S-Trains[RoninID]here's the link to the river modeling Canadian guy
05/26/2024 23:08:42S-Trains[fahrwud]The wood outgasses in the heat, the sucks in the resin as it cools off
05/26/2024 23:07:28S-Trains[fahrwud]The started applying epoxy with the A/C going full blast
05/26/2024 23:06:51S-Trains[fahrwud]I read about one wooden boat builder who heated his shop up to 120 degrees and warmed the new boat
05/26/2024 23:05:40S-Trains[RoninID]I'll borrow what I like and try them on wood or masonite test plaques

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